Get to Know Our Talented Administrators

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Brittany Wilson

- Owner/Executive Director

Brittany Wilson is the Owner/Executive Director at Harton Senior Living. She grew up in the assisted living industry with her mother owning a facility in O’Fallon, MO, for 25+ years. Her home residence was located on the same property. Some of Brittany’s favorite childhood memories include leading activities and calling BINGO daily while building personal relationships with the residents.

She always held a passion for the industry but found herself moving in a different direction after she began her first job outside of the facility at a childcare center. Brittany quickly developed a love for children, too, and set out to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Shortly after, she completed her Master’s in professional counseling and obtained her professional license after completing two years of clinical supervision through Compass Health.

Brittany opened her first childcare center in Lake Saint Louis, MO, in 2009 and went on to open additional locations in Saint Ann and Wentzville area. She always desired to return to residential care and is proud to be the owner of Harton Senior Living. Brittany is a hands-on owner, and she remains dedicated to providing a supportive assistive living environment for all the residents in her care.

Lafonda Johnson is the Director at Harton Senior Living. She and her husband have lived in Warrenton for over 35 years, where they raised two daughters. Lafonda is incredibly familiar with the community and is utilized by residents and family members as a local resource for services. With 25+ years of experience working with seniors, Lafonda is extremely knowledgeable of the industry.

After working in independent living, she moved into residential care and was the facility director prior to the change of ownership. As a Level 1 Medication Aide, Lafonda can often be found providing medication management and direct services to the residents at Harton Senior Living. She has a genuine passion for her role as the Director, and she provides a caring, nurturing environment for the residents in her care.


Lafonda Johnson

- Director

Donna Dieckman

- Director of Nursing

Donna Dieckman is the Director of Nursing at Harton Senior Living. She has been a local resident for over 40 years, has personal ties to the community, and has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. She has previously held positions as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Home Health Manager, and Hospice Nurse.

She is currently the LPN at Harton Senior Living, where some of her responsibilities include patient care, charting, and training new staff to meet Level 1 Medication Aide requirements.

In addition, Donna works closely with other health-related agencies and organizations in the community to provide wraparound services to the residents. Her love for care, dignity and wellness of the elderly has always been her passion. Donna is a familiar face at the facility, and her dedication to the residents is apparent when she interacts with them. Her primary focus is to ensure everyone receives personalized care and monitors them individually to ensure they receive it.